Hello World!

Posted: January 19, 2011 by Disciples Young Adult Commission in Announcements

Welcome to the new blog of the Disciples Young Adult Commission!  Pretty nice digs, huh?  Ahhh, it even still has that nice new website smell.  😉  We’re still moving in here but soon you’ll find this place to be full of interesting and creative articles by commission members.  In fact, we are coinciding the kickoff of our new blog with a week long celebration for young adults!  That’s right, young adult week is from Feb 6th – Feb 13th and we will have a week filled with devotionals to help us celebrate the breath of life who is Jesus Christ!

But it won’t stop there!  Our hope is that this blog will be a creative outlet for commission members and a way for us to communicate our message to other young adult disciples and Disciples congregations.

So we hope you’ll stay awhile and relax in our new pad here on the Internet.  Oh, and before you leave be sure you signup to receive updates so you don’t miss out on anything!  The entire YAC wishes everyone a great 2011!

~ Disciples Young Adult Commission

  1. Patti Case says:

    Wow! Nice digs, indeed!

    Wondering what is cooking among you for the 2011 General Assembly. I’ve heard some of the plans, but would love the skinny on what else. I can post it on our website and help get out the word…


    Registration rates are the lowest they are going to get right now, including a SPECIAL RATE for 18-30 young adults.

  2. Paul Allen says:

    As a Young Adult with children I have one word that will attract other young adults with children to your congregation. Childcare. I have visited many churches that do not even have a nursery or children’s program on Sunday much less offering childcare during meetings, Bible Studies, etc. This forces marries couples to make a choice as to who is attending an event, or, if the other person is busy, does not allow them to attend at all. It is only worse for single parents. If you want young adults with children to be a part of the congregation this need must be met.

    • Aaron Jamison says:

      I couldn’t agree more! My wife and I have two young kids and we use the childcare offered at our church. However, there are also creative ways to include children in worship. One such program is called Children Worship and Wonder which is offered through DHM.
      At my church we use the CWW program as a way to enhance our childcare offering but we have also used it effectively in worship. I still agree that childcare should be offered though, even if it is on a volunteer basis.

      Thanks for your comment,

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