Tell It!!

Posted: February 7, 2011 by abrownlaj in Devotionals
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“4 Hear, O Israel: The Lord is our God, the Lord alone. 5 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might. 6 Keep these words that I am commanding you today in your heart. 7 Recite them to your children and talk about them when you are at home and when you are away, when you lie down and when you rise.” Deuteronomy 6:4-7

For so long we have been the “children” hearing the story. We have been the boys and girls who listened and learned who tried to understand why our parents made us get up on Sunday morning if we didn’t have to go to school. For too long we have continued to listen instead of talking. We are no longer the children who should be listening but the faithful who should be sharing, reciting our story over and over-to our children (or nieces and nephews). We have the words in our hearts- we probably even know a catchy little church camp song based on the text above- we know the story we need to Tell it!

We can’t wait for permission or a blessing from the “powers that be”; we can’t wait for our time to come…OUR TIME IS NOW!! If we don’t share our stories of faith-who will? If we don’t share the glory of God and the wonder of Jesus Christ with others-who will? The scripture from Deuteronomy 6 doesn’t say to keep these things in your heart and tell them to no one. It says recite them over and over and over! It is our turn to, TELL IT!

Don’t be afraid to share your story of faith no matter how long you have been on the journey. Recite it over and over soon enough it will be like such a catchy tune won’t be able to stop! Pray for courage this week to tell your story-over and over and over and over…

Everlasting God, who first gave us a story to share. Show us the way to tell our story that others might hear and come to share their story too. Amen.


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