GA2011 Devotional – Monday

Posted: July 11, 2011 by Disciples Young Adult Commission in Devotionals, General Assembly

LUKE 10:1-28

I was flipping through a teen devotional the other day at the bookstore, trying to get a feel for the topics it covered. It contained many entries on love, justice, and faithfulness, but the topic with the most entries was not one of these. The topic with the most entries was obedience.

We learn obedience early, in our first Sunday School classes. We learn to listen to God. We learn to do what God tells us. And it’s in the scripture, this obedience. It’s in the Great Flood and the (Almost) Sacrifice of Isaac. It’s in David and Solomon’s story and in many places in Proverbs, the Prophets and the letters of Paul. And, really, this command of obedience is alright to share with children if what we really want them to learn is be good, be quiet, and, for heaven’s sake, sit still.

But is it really what’s there?

A leader in my local Jewish community told me, “Our story begins with Jacob at the river. We are Israel, the people who wrestle with God.”

Jesus was one of these people. Not one of the entries on obedience in that devotional used a Gospel text. At first glance, we might find it in our reading today. Your will be done.

And while this is no doubt important, in the context of the rest of the passage it is a more an addendum. Jesus not suggesting we simply sit quietly and wait to see what God will do. No, Jesus is suggesting we join the conversation.

He teaches us to ask for the radical hospitality of the Kingdom, bread enough for all, peace and justice on earth as in heaven. In fact, his parable implies that we demand this hospitality persistently from God and, perhaps, our neighbor.

The type of relationship with God that this prayer requires is not one of thoughtless obedience. We cannot just be good, be quiet and sit still. This type of relationship with God requires us to shake loose, stand up, and say something. It requires an entirely different kind of obedience, one that wrestles, one that speaks and one that acts.

Submitted by: Alex McCauslin

Click Here to download the entire GA2011 Devotionals Booklet in PDF form.


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