I want to be reconciled

Posted: February 8, 2012 by Disciples Young Adult Commission in Bible Study, Church, Devotionals, Prayer

Alex McCauslin, YAC Member

 I want to be reconciled.

I hear the call.

But it’s so hard.

It’s hard because I have to open myself up to the reality that I have been broken. And more, that I continue to be broken.

Every conversation I enter about privilege breaks open for me another way in which I am complicit in systems of oppression.

Near: The University I attend operates on the backs of community members whose children will never be able to attend. They cook the food. They cut the grass. They clean the toilets. But they don’t make enough to pay this tuition.

(My parents are lawyers. I graduated from college debt-free.)

And far: The shirt on my back was made in a sweatshop. A rain forest was slashed and burned so I could eat a banana on my breakfast this morning.

(I learned these things at a recent dinner party, replying with a scandalized, “Oh gosh!” and then returning to my spinach and blue cheese salad.)

I know these things, but what can I do?

This much is certain: I can’t change anything by myself.

Reconciliation is about wholeness, and I am only a part. Jesus didn’t say discipleship would be easy, but he also didn’t say to do it alone. We need to meet, first in brokenness, me, you, our brothers, our neighbors, our enemies, and Jesus, and let’s do it around the Lord’s Table.


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