Clear the Chaos

Posted: March 1, 2012 by abrownlaj in Church, Devotionals, Young Adult Stories

We are 9 days into the Lenten season. Typically Lent is a time of reflection, repentance, and renewal. However many of us might still find ourselves caught up in the chaos of the everyday. How can we seek to find the Divine in the midst of pandemonium and three ring circus behavior we see around us?  How can we spend time reflecting? How can we focus on what we have done and ask forgiveness?  How can we find a quiet moment to renew our spirits? I don’t have a clear cut straight forward answer to any of these questions. I struggle to answer them for myself almost daily. Little steps, deep breaths, and extreme amounts of coffee seem to work for me, some times.

In the introduction to the devotion book The Balancing Act: A Daily Rediscovering of Grace, Robert Schnase says “Living in fast-forward, we neglect the interior life and the spiritual journey and misperceive the signs of God’s presence.” This statement caused me to think about the times I should have slowed down, taken a deep breath, and noticed that God was working far more efficiently than I was. How do we answer the questions above? The tough answer-WE have to make the effort. WE have to make the time. WE (you and I) not God, not our family- WE have to do it. The easy answer- WE have to make the effort. WE have to make the time. WE (you and I) not God, not our family- WE have to do it.

One of the devotions in this book talks about walking a labyrinth as a spiritual discipline. Perhaps this Lenten season you are still looking for a way to reflect, repent, and renew your self. Try following the path of this Finger Labyrinth(there are instructions at the bottom once you click the link).

May you seek to find God in the ordinary. Little steps, deep breaths…the chaos will clear(eventually).

  1. Jim Gawne says:

    I think you meant to say “Chaos” not “Choas”

  2. abrownlaj says:

    Thanks for pointing that out to me. I have corrected the mistake.

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