Tuesday, February 5th Devotional

Posted: February 5, 2013 by Disciples Young Adult Commission in Devotionals, Young Adult Stories

Erin Taylor
Seminary Student at Brite Divinity School 


I think many of us would be interested in owning, or at least having access to a time machine. I have several places I would like to go including the Cane Ridge Revival and the day TCU won the Rose Bowl. One of my professors recently taught me that time traveling is indeed a possibility. During my ‘Foundations of Preaching’ class, our professor described the importance of thoroughly understanding the text before crafting a sermon. While I’ve always known that we should be competent in our preaching, the idea of being adventurous had never crossed my mind.

As preachers, as church-goers, as Bible readers and adventure seekers, we are able to open up so much more than just a narrative text. We are able to open up a whole different world and immerse ourselves into the rich word of God. For a moment, we transcend ourselves and become one with God’s word- God’s living, breathing, loving word. As we venture into the word of God we leave behind a world of broken promises, restless despair, and stumbling wonderers. Instead, we enter into a world of radical hospitality, unshakable hope, and a love that is much deeper than our human reasoning could ever grasp.

We go back to a time where God is made known through a burning bush, a buffet of fish and loaves, and a covenant made through bread and wine. We glimpse into a future when we shall no longer carry the weight of our burdens because Jesus has chosen to carry our baggage.

As we dig deeper into the Word of God, may we do so as adventure seekers, as time travelers, and as students of a prophetic teacher. May we immerse ourselves fully into the reality of God’s goodness, faithfulness, and everlasting hope.

pic4Dear God, show me anew how your word is adventurous. Stir me from the complacent spaces of my life into your radical and compelling love. Thank you for calling me again and again every day to journey this life with you. Amen



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