Wednesday, February 6th Devotional

Posted: February 6, 2013 by Disciples Young Adult Commission in Devotionals, Young Adult Stories

Ben Saunders
Disciples Peace Fellowship Intern 


It was that summer of traveling to various summer camps talking about peace and justice issues that changed the entire course of my life. Though each summer intern for Disciples Peace Fellowship has a very different set of camps, people, and experiences overall, it can, somehow, still be classified as “the” DPF experience or “that” summer and be relatable to every peace intern that has embarked on that venture.

Similarly, something I appreciate about the Disciples, as a whole, is the diversity of identity. If each person connected with the Disciples of Christ were asked what it means to be DOC, there would be an equal number of responses as people. Yet, we are still one unified tradition. It’s why each General Assembly is a giant family reunion and it’s why we get giddy like little children when we meet another Disciple in a completely unexpected location. There’s something about the collective experience that binds us together.

Likewise, occupying space and existence on this planet, we share the lived experience and, especially as people, we share an understanding of what it means to find our identity as a human being. There may be differences that we have been taught to see, but every one of us has emotions and feelings. Everyone has the ability to give and receive love.

Just as the Disciples are unified by great diversity, let us come to understand the whole planet of people and creatures as one family. Let us truly be sisters and brothers. We share a collective experience and, subsequently, share responsibility for each other and should be held accountable for our actions. I believe that we can [and do] change the world every single day – it just depends whether we choose to do so in a positive or a negative way. How will you change the world today?


How do your daily actions affect those around you?


What is it that drives you to be better and live more responsibly?


How do the ways in which you live your life exemplify your theology and understanding of God?



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