Friday, February 8th Devotion

Posted: February 8, 2013 by Disciples Young Adult Commission in Devotionals, Uncategorized, Young Adult Stories

Amy Austin
Global Ministries Short-Term Volunteer


“The time has come, the time is now, to stop and feel the pull of the Lord. O Shepherd speak to me”

I am a huge believer in Paulo Coelho’s quote from the Alchemist saying, “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” However, what’s scary for me is the element of passivity required in this process, the opening and surrender to God’s ever creating presence. The control over every aspect of my life needs to leave my hands and be turned over to God. Because, as much as I feel I understand the desires of my heart, I must surrender to the Creator of those desires, the one who paints a picture larger than this moment can comprehend. It’s like throwing my life up into the air and waiting to see where it will land, with an ever present fear that it might all come crashing down on my head before it falls into place. But, it is exactly this throwing of life up into the air that creates space for sacred serendipity, for God’s overwhelming wisdom and creativity to take root.

As I find myself in a space of just having graduated from undergrad, it is all too tempting to put my nose to the grindstone and let my “accomplishment complex” take over to plan out what is next for my life. Yet, I feel God’s spirit stirring in me in ways that cause me to pause and take a little step of faith that maybe I don’t know everything about success, that maybe, just maybe, the universe is already conspiring.

One of the ways God seems to be at work in my life is by leading me to serve as a Global Ministries short-term volunteer next month in the Middle East. Fulfilling a childhood dream, I will spend a month teaching English in Nablus, Palestine through an organization called Project Hope. Yet, as I am scurrying around to get ready for my trip, cross items off my to-do list, and come up with creative lesson plans and gather materials, I am forced to remind myself that no amount of my own struggle and strife to be “ready” or “worthy” can compare to the quiet whisper that draws me to and through this experience. Even when I sense God’s direction in my life, it is easy for my “monkey-brain” to take over and to forget to rest in the knowing that I am called to be in this space, and that sometimes being in this present moment is enough. I have no way of predicting what will come next, or how this experience will shape me. All I know is that I am in the midst of a God of great wisdom and creativity who is continually at work within me and within the world to bring about goodness and wholeness. May it be so.

“The time has come, the time is now, to stop and feel the pull of the Lord. O Shepherd speak to me”



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